Framework Philosophy and Rationale Committee Membership

  • Dr. Katie High, Chair
  • Dr. Janet Wilbert


The Framework Philosophy and Rationale Committee, with close support from the General Counsel’s Office, is tasked with writing an “educational and economic benefit of diversity philosophy statement” that creates a rationale for why diversity is a “compelling educational interest” for the UT System. With a recognition of the changing demographics of the state and the nation, the statement should address how diversity benefits all students learning in a diverse educational environment.

Institutional Planning and Implementation Committee Membership

  • Dr. Michael Alston, Chair
  • Mr. Don Green


The Institutional Planning and Implementation Committee will develop a template or framework that can be utilized in assisting the campuses, institutes and UWA to write their own unique diversity plans. This process should be cognizant that each UT entity is in some stage of planning for diversity and that its work should complement those ongoing efforts. This committee will spearhead the development of a 10-year diversity strategy with a 10-year review process. This committee is tasked with the establishment of a diversity innovation grant fund and the development of an annual diversity forum/celebration event.

Diversity Reporting and Accountability Committee Membership

  • Dr. Richard Brown, Chair
  • Dr. Keith Carver
  • Dr. Dennis Hengstler


The Diversity Reporting and Accountability Committee is tasked with developing a strategic diversity leadership scorecard for measuring performance. These diversity performance measurements will include the composition of student enrollment, faculty and staff by race, ethnicity, gender and other data-driven indicators as measures of diversity. This committee also will factor diversity performance measurements into curriculum, diversity initiatives and diversity outreach efforts.

Diversity Infrastructure and Coordination Committee Membership

  • Dr. Michael Alston
  • Dr. Keith Carver


The Diversity Infrastructure and Coordination Committee will plan for future DAC membership and membership rotation. This committee will examine the capacity needs of OED at both the System and campus levels and the relationship between System and campus offices.

Faculty and Staff Diversification Strategies Committee Membership

  • Dr. Caula Beyl, Chair
  • Dr. Noma Anderson
  • Ms. Linda Hendricks Harig
  • Dr. Carolyn Hodges
  • Ms. Leann McElhaney
  • Dr. Bryan Samuel


The Faculty and Staff Diversification Strategies Committee will focus on strategies for recruiting and retaining a diverse faculty and workforce. It will also focus on strategies for developing and mentoring faculty on how to be intentional in our recruitment processes and “Best Practices” strategies